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Past Attendee Quotes from Previous Summits:

"The Immunogenicity Summit is one of my ‘must attend’ meetings of the year. Over the years, I have found this meeting to be highly informative and interactive. The breadth of experience that is available based on the speakers and attendees is unparalleled. The organizer provides a good balance between presentations and time for networking. Also, the access to members of the regulatory agencies is much appreciated.”
Associate Director and Immunogenicity Expert, Global Early Development, Quantitative Pharmacology & Drug Disposition, EMD Serono

"As regulators, we give great importance to public forum interactions with industry and academia stake holders. Your immunogenicity summit afforded an opportunity to present current immunogenicity guidances and regulatory thinking, and discuss arising issues in the field with Industry participants. The short courses in which I presented also provided a venue to encourage best practices from industry, and clarify particular questions that participants may have, in an environment that encouraged thoughtful discussion.”
Visiting Scientist, Biotech Quality and Immunogenicity Reviewer, Biotechnology Products, CDER-FDA

"Top of the line conference which addressed all areas of immunogenicity with high quality, up-to-date, and informative data presentations.”
Principal Scientist, Bioanalytical & Biomarker Development, Nonclinical Development, R&D, Shire

"I highly enjoyed the conference, majority of the presentations are highly informative and innovative; just right size to discuss and networking; great panel and round-table discussion. The best part is very interactive discussion with FDA officer Joao Pedras-Vasconcelos to learn that FDA officer could be really open-minded and eager to communicate with sponsors!”
Senior Research Investigator, Bioanalytical Science-Biologics, BMS

"Great meeting. It presented a very rich opportunity for a small group discussions, exchange of information, ideas and future directions. Meeting offered a strong opportunity to network with industry colleagues and regulators.”
Senior Director, PDM, Pfizer, Inc.

"Besides good, in depth presentations, I enjoyed that the conference enabled a good dialogue between industry, the regulator and academia.”
Postdoctoral Fellow, Gastroenterology, University of California, San Diego

"Thank you. Very nice organization and Instructive meeting.”
ImmunoAssay Service Dev, SGS

"Gained valuable insights into Immunogenicity from FDA’s point of view.”
Senior Scientist, Biotechnology Research Laboratory, USV, PVE Ltd.

"Very helpful to have an interactive member of FDA at the meeting.”
Bernard Hummel, Senior Principal Scientist, VMRD Metaboism & Safety, Zoetis

"Great to get regulatory perspectives on challenges and expectations. The higher level strategic discussions were very informative.”
Director, Biologics & Vaccine Bioanalytics, Merck

"All talks were very good. The Q&A was also valuable as well as the panel discussion. I also liked the open collaboration between industry academia and the agencies.”
Research Advisor, Eli Lilly and Co.

"Speakers had a good awareness of audience needs; they encouraged discussion and thought; great meeting overall.”
Associate Principal Scientist, Biologics Bioprocess Development, Merck & Co. Inc.

"This meeting highlighted the many different immunogenicity risk factors that complicate the development of biologics, but also addressed solutions through the use of predictive assays, emerging holistic models and tolerance induction strategies. The round table discussion offered the opportunity to learn from scientists applying these approaches and was a good place to network.”
Immunogenicity Sciences Lead, Biomedicine Design, Pfizer, Inc.

"The immunogenicity summit meeting was an excellent opportunity to network, communicate my research, learn what others are doing and hear what is new and exciting in our field. As usual, a very interesting meeting with wonderful experts in the field.”
Post-Doctoral Fellow, Molecular Biology, National Cancer Institute, National Institutes of Health

"I liked the case studies as they prompted the FDA reviewers to comment and showed real-life experience for addressing complex challenges and programs.”
Director, Biotherapeutic Bioanalysis, Boehringer Ingelheim

"The content and individual presentations were strong and of high quality. I shall attend again and recommend it to colleagues.”
Principal Scientist, Bioanalytical & Biomarker Development, Nonclinical Development, R&D, Shire

"All great speakers; terrific agenda; outstanding conference.”

"I really enjoyed the meeting which brought together drug immunogenicity thought leaders from academia and industry to discuss key observations, mechanisms, and predictive models of drug immunogenicity, the effect unwanted immunogenicity had on drug efficacy, and potential solutions that may translate in improved response rates. The meeting was highly interactive, well-organized, and at a superb location. I would recommend this meeting to anyone who has an interest in immunogenicity of therapeutics.”
Director, Product Development & Correlative Sciences laboratories, Adjunct Associate Professor, Center for Cellular Immunotherapies University of Pennsylvania

“It was great to have the opportunity to talk at the CHI meeting. I thought the meeting was really well attended and also had a great range on speakers on key topics.”
Staff Scientist, BioAnalytical Sciences, Genentech, Inc.

“As always, it was a fantastic event with respect to both the content and the networking opportunities.”
Associate Professor, Thayer School of Engineering, Dartmouth

“High quality content in different assay formats and technologies for immunogenicity assessment”
Senior Research Associate, Bioanalytical, Cliantha Research Ltd

“Multiple poster viewing sessions allowed me to get lots of feedback regarding my work”
Evan Dubiel, Post Doc, University of Sherbrooke

“Provided good overview of current problems and progress in the field.”
Scientist, Bioanalytical Sciences, ImmunGen

“Engaging and pertinent.”
Investigator, Clinical Immunology, GSK

“The Immunogenicity and Bioassay Summit covers the up-to-date research and regulatory advances on all aspects of immunogenicity. It’s a very good meeting for experts and newcomers to the field.”
Senior Director/Head, Bioanalytical and Biomarker Development, Research & Nonclinical Development, Shire

“Thanks for organizing this conference. Once again a very informative meeting.”
Staff Scientist, Bioanalytical Sciences, Regeneron, Inc.

“Interesting new data; very relevant to the field.”
Senior Scientist, Process Development, Amgen, Inc.

"The topics discussed were important, and the speakers were excellent".
Senior Director, Non-clinical Development, Versatis

“I have attended a number of immunogenicity/bioassay-related conferences, and I found CHI’s to be the most informative for me.”
Chief Scientific Officer, Selecta Biosciences

“That was a great conference and wonderful to meet so many great new colleagues.”
Scientist, Bioanalytical Sciences, Genentech, Inc.

“Congratulations again! It was one of the best-attended immunogenicity & bioassay meetings that I have been to. That certainly attests to your skill in keeping participants, speakers, and sponsors happy."
Professor, Research, University of Rhode Island

“Nice meeting; good mix of assays, technologies and experimental science.”
Senior Scientist, Biomarin

“It was a pleasure being at the conference: very high quality!”
Senior Expert, Immunogenicity and Bioanalysis, TNA, a Netherlands Applied Research Center

“Great event to interact with KOIs from industry and FDA to educate and re-educate yourself on aspects of immunogenicity of biologicals in the preclinical to clinical phases of drug development”
Director, Complex Generics, Momenta Pharmaceuticals

“Very informative and thought provoking meeting; high quality presentations; As a newcomer to the field, I found this conference to be an excellent resource to help me better develop strategies for advancing novel protein therapeutics.”
Team Lead, Immunology Translational Medicine, Janssen R&D, LLC

“Well organized conference with great scientific presentations and meeting content.”
Senior Principal Scientist, Drug Safety R&D, Pfizer, Inc.

“Program and participants, first class.”
Associate Director, Novo Nordisk

“Break-out interaction with FDA experts was very valuable.”
Associate Director, Alexion Pharmaceuticals Inc.

“Congratulations on a very well put together conference.”
Assistant Vice President, Pfizer