Room: Edison D

Presenting Wednesday through Friday

Boehringer Ingelheim
1.         Integrating Automation and Design of Experiments (DOE) to Deliver High-Quality Immunogenicity Assays; Presented by Alexandra G.

Charles River Laboratories
2.         Automating an ELISA Method to Detect Anti-Drug Antibodies in Human Plasma: From Method Development to Clinical Sample Analysis; Presented by Julie D.

Charles River Laboratories
3.         Low Cut Points, a Validation Challenge; Presented by Marie-Eve P.

4.         Generation of an Anti-Drug Specific IgE Positive Control by Chemical Crosslinking for an IgE Anti-Drug Antibody Isotyping Assay; Presented by Shuo T.

Gyros Protein Technologies
5.         A Comparison of Equilibrium Exchange and Acid Dissociation Procedures in an Infliximab ADA Assay; Presented by Robert D.

ImmunXperts SA
6.         The Power of In Vitro Assays in Immuno-Oncology Drug Development; Presented by Sofie P.

Intertek Pharmaceutical Services
7.         How Do You Demonstrate Continued Acceptable Performance for ADA and NAb Assay? Is the Cut Point Always Suitable for the Performance Evaluation of the Assay Controls?; Presented by Alena N.

8.         Development of an Improved Sensitivity Immunogenicity (ADA) Assay Using Single Molecule Counting (SMC™) Technology; Presented by Anitaben T.

Regeneron Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
9.         Rapid In-House Determination of Cut Point Values for Immunogenicity Assays Using JMP and Excel; Presented by Jessica T.

Samyang Biopharmaceuticals Corporation
10.       Method Development and Validation of qPCR for the Assessment of Adenoviral Biodistribution; Presented by Gyuyoung M.

SQI Diagnostics
11.       A Multiplex Cytokine Assay to Detect IL-6, IL-8 and IL-10 Using Streptavidin Printed Plates and Multiple Result Reporting; Presented by Rachel M.