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2022 Poster Presentations:

P01: Qualification of a Plaque Assay to Measure Vaccinia Virus Infectious Titers to Support GLP Toxicity Studies in Cynomolgus Monkeys, Presented by Indiwari G., AstraZeneca

P02: Qualification of a Luciferase Reporter Gene Assay to Measure Neutralizing Antibody Titers to Engineered Vaccinia Virus, Presented by Surekha K., AstraZeneca

P03: ADA Cross-Reactivity Assessment Using Bridging ECL Format, Presented by Fangfang C., Boehringer Ingelheim

P04: Drug Tolerance Demands of Immunogenicity Assay: Implementation of Solid Phase Extraction Acid Dissociation (SPEAD) Methodology and Comparison with Traditional Bridging Assay, Presented by Rajeev V., Boehringer Ingelheim

P05: Evaluation of Potency by In-Cell Western, Presented by Yun C., Greenlight Biosciences

P06: Development of a Confirmatory Assay for rHuPH20 Neutralizing Antibodies (Nab) in Human K[3]EDTA Plasma Using an Immunodepletion Strategy, Presented by Yan W., Halozyme Therapeutics

P07: How to Optimize Cell-Based NAb Assays Using the iLite Technology, Presented by Therese S., Svar Life Science

P08: Validation of a Dendritic Cell and CD4+ T-Cell Restimulation Assay Contributing to the Immunogenicity Risk Evaluation of Protein and Peptide Therapeutics, Presented by Michel S., University of Strasbourg

P09: Immunogenicity Target Interference: A Novel Blocking Approach, Presented by Divya P., Altasciences

P10: Analytical Strategy for Biotherapeutics: Cell-Based Potency Assays with Reporter Cell Lines, Presented by Natalia K., BIOCAD

P11: Optimization of a Biochemical Assay to Assess PCC Enzymatic Activity in PCCA KO Cell Lines and Tissue Extracts of Pcca Knock-Out Mice Following AAV9-PCCA Gene Delivery, Presented by Erik W., National Institutes of Health, National Center for Translational Science








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